Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vacation Re-Cap!

So as most of you know, I was away for about a week and a half, and mom did a pretty good job holding down the fort. lol.

We went to visit my in-laws in MO. The boys always have a great time because Hayden's papa always takes him to go hunting, and boy does he LOVE that!

Here are a few photos of the hunting they did....Needless to say, they got one squirrel and one racoon. Hayden was SO excited!

He was so cute. Every time I asked him to take his picture with his little gun he always held it up in front of his eyes.

We did some fishing as well! Isn't this a beautiful view? I love going to visit. If you look close you can see the tint of the leaves starting to change! Fall was definitely in the air!!

The boys always have a great time feeding the ducks to!

So, Our vacation to Missouri was great! I will post again tomorrow about the Collins Rep Group Convention that we just finished up this past weekend as well. Whew......I'm almost caught up!


Jen Starr Re-Cap!

We so enjoyed having Jen Starr here at our shop a few weeks ago!

I thought I would take the time to share with all of you who missed the class just exactly all the fun you missed out on!

The first class that we did was a technique class using glimmer mist, Glaze, and Glam on all different types of surfaces. wood, metal, paper, and we even learned a photo transfer technique!

This photo here is of Jen showing how to paint using the glam and glaze on metal!

This is a photo of the ladies getting ready to get their fingers inky!

And the fun begins!

It's Art!

Yea! Jen, me and mom! Thanks Jen for coming down and playing with us! We had a blast, and I know you did to! So, glad you were able to share all your inky goodness with us!

Can't wait to see you again soon! And, thanks for signing our wall!

For those of you who missed out on the fun of this class. Don't worry, more fun and exciting things are to come!

Don't forget to sign up for the Debbie Gunnion Stamping Designer who will be here on October 16th! Space is limited and filling! Samples are now in the shop, and they are fun!

I hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is a whirlwind!

I feel like it has been years since my last blog post!

I have been so busy! I have so much to share I don't know where to start! I shared with you the start of Hayden and school in my last blog post, and SO much has happened since then!

We have had Jen Starr in the shop since then, and I was away on vacation for the last week and a half, and then I turned around and came home for ONE night in my own bed, and then I was off again for a long weekend of fun in Orlando with my mom, and a sister store we work with for the Tim Collins Trade Show. I have to say the trade show was absolutely amazing, and we have brought back SO many ideas to share with all of you! We had a great time networking with some really great manufactures, and designers at this show!

I actually took my very first class with Tim Holtz which by the way was absolutely amazing, I never dreamed that this man would be so down to earth, he is nothing like I had imagined! I will definately be taking more of his classes in the future! We have lots of fun things in store using Ranger, and the Tim Holtz Products in the very near future! I am so excited to share! I will be posting pictures of all the fun projects that we have returned with from our tradeshow, and will be opening doors for many of you to go ahead and get started with gift giving ideas, cards, and lots of mini projects including home decor! Stay tuned for all the fun samples and ideas with these!

On the other hand, I am super excited to share some fun photos of our awesome Jen Starr event that we had about 2 weeks ago! I have had and heard nothing but fun and awesome feedback from the event! We will definately look into having Jen back again soon, possibly using all the fun new Ranger products that are on the way! Yes, for those of you who may have wondered we will be getting the Vagabond in stores BEFORE Christmas! We have a total of 6 machines coming, yes count them SIX. We will sell out of these quickly. After speaking with Tim one on one about these machines, and taking some feedback of his, and some of his great ideas with this machine, we will be selling these machines at an unbelievable price that you won't want to miss, I can promise you this. WE will have our machines in stock BEFORE Christmas, and I was guranteed that you WON'T see these machines in the big box chain stores till at least the middle of next year, which is ok, because they won't be able to touch or compare to the low price we will be selling these machines for! So, if you are interested in one of these fun electronic machines that cut chipboard, cardstock, acrylic, and metal, and SO much more! Stop in and get yours pre-ordered if you are interested!

And last but not least......I walked in this a.m. and PAGE MAPS 2 was here! Yes, we have this idea book in stock NOW. If you have not receieved the first one then you definately NEED this one. I love this idea book, and get such great ideas out of it! It is a must have idea book!

This is what the cover of the new addition looks like! Stop in and get yours before they are gone!
I promise to post again really soon about all the fun events we have had in the store and have attended over the past few weeks!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Little School Boy.

This is a photo of Hayden's first day of school is one of my favorites. We were in such a hurry to get to school, that I had picked up a pair of clothes to put on Clayton before we walked "big" brother into school, and wouldn't you know that I walked out and forgot to grab them. Yes, this was just the start of my busy day!
I asked Hayden to go stand in front of this tree so I could get a picture of him, and next thing I know, Clayton was wiggling his way into the picture saying "cheese" "cheese". He was so cute!

Drop off for Hayden's first day went well. No tears for Hayden or mommy! I think having the boys home with a sitter all summer really did him well. It was a breeze all week! We are on vacation next week, so we will see how he does when we come back from visiting grammy, and papa.

This picture is of the little school boy before we left for school in front of our house. He was such a ham. I don't think he has been more excited than he was this day!
I do have to say as a mom, I am in love with this school already, even though it has only been 3 days. I love it. He is doing great, and learning alot to! LOVE IT!

On another note, away from my family. We are excited about Jen Starr's arrival tomorrow. We are full to the max for the two classes, and are expecting to have a great time! We are looking forward to it!

We are also expecting BO BUNNY on Monday. We will be open, BUT we will open late. Mom has to take me to the airport. She should be here by NOON. We need to be patient ladies and let her get it imputed into the computer so, please be patient, and take it easy on her! Monday is her birthday so be kind!!!!

Stop in on Monday and receive 50% off ONE item when you wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Friday, September 3, 2010

You have been waiting SO patiently

And So have I!

I know several of you have been watching this blog daily for you favorite new lines to arrive, and I have promised you that I would update here A.S.A.P! So this is my time to let you know..........

Basic Grey Jovial, and Wander Collections are now in the shop. We also have the next two months of POTM Page KIts, available for pick-up!

Crate Paper is now in stock as well! We have all 3 new collections available for you to pick up!

I will have all this YUMMY new paper and embellies in the computer by the end of the day, so I will be here late cropping with some of my besties, and would LOVE to see you too! Stop in and shop it before its gone, gone, gone!

Bo Bunny has promised they would ship our order by the end of this week, so that leaves me to believe it will be IN THE HOUSE by the end of next week! I promise to update here first! As soon as Mr. UPS man walks in my door I will get on here and let you know we have it!

I hope everyone has a special and safe holiday weekend! I know I will! I will be scrapbooking with some of the funniest girls I know!

We will also be offering an additional 10% savings on all our clearenced items this weekend in observance of the holiday so stop in and SAVE and check out the NEW stuff!

See you soon,