Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You!

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to take a minute and Thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes.
My husband is doing great after his herina surgery yesterday. Of course pain meds help alot!! Now the hard part will be keeping him from doing much of anything for 4 weeks. I think we are going to try and fit in a little vacation so that will help! My brother and a close friend are in Mississippi helping with the oil mess up there, so we are going to stop by and say Hi to them, who knows where we will end up after that! I will be in the store all next week,stop in and say hello and check out all the sales we have going on!

Monkey Jungle fun!

I know you guys have been waiting for me to upload the fun we had over Fathers Day in Ft. Lauderdale!

We went over to the Sawgrass Mills Mall and hit Wannado City with the boys! Wow, that was tons of fun! I had a blast, I bet you can only imagine the fun that Hayden had!

I was able to upload a few pictures from the fun time that we had at monkey jungle! Enjoy them and have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

ughh. of a monday.....

Well, I hope your monday is going better than mine!

One: My dad is having surgery for his hernia today. Supposedly its not that bad but its the recovery time that will make it hard. He will be down for at least 4 weeks and those of you who know my dad.....that will be difficult! So, your prayers are greatly appreciated while he is currently in surgery, and also for his time of recovery.

Two: Clayton (the little guy) had a dermatoligist appointment this morning for the birth mark on his right heel. It has been there ever since he was born. We had it looked at while he was still in his first year of life, and all was good. My peditrician has been keeping an eye on it, and it has started to perform some irregularities in its growth so she was worried about it, and sent us back for a follow up. We went this am and the dermatoligist was AWESOME. LOVED him. Although he gave me BAD news and said that we needed to think about having it removed. So, as a normal momma would do, I'm a little uptight this am wiht this news. It is bothering me very much. The dermatoligist also told me that he is only like the 3rd child he has ever sent to have a surgeon look at it since he's been in practice. Makes me sad. He said he thinks it will be benign but, wants to make sure......So, Today I am off to schedule a consultation about this and hopefully plan a surgery.
Prayers please that all goes well, and that in the end it will only be benign.

Three: My kids are driving me CRAZY. They were absolutely horrible this am at the dermatologist. Hayden was punished with spankins which doesn't happen very often. They say that things are bad during the "terrible two's" I think "horrible threes" are just as bad. LOL.

Off to try to be creative this am with some of our new arrivals we received last week! Looking forward to what UPS and Fed Ex may be bringing this week!

Have a great week and Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Arrivals.....

I'v been pretty busy around here the past few days while mom has been out and about cropping with some friends in Brooksville.

I have been working very hard on the design of this blog, and I hope that you are liking it to! I'v put in several hours of fun on this site! Give me a shout out and let me know what you think! Im lovin it so far!

We have had several new arrivals come in this week:

Basic Grey's new Oliver, and Olivia are now in stock. They are fun papers, as usual by Basic Grey! Stop in and stock up, we have only a limited stock of these papers, and embellishments

We have also received the new line by My Little Yellow Bicycle as well!

We have recieved the brand new release Pack your Bags.

Here is a cute little layout that I copied and pasted from their website. Check it out! The embellishments are SO cute. You gotta stop in to see them in person!


Thought for the day....

As, I was drivig to work this morning for some strange reason my family heritage came to mind. My grandpa Block, a loving, supporting man, that has influenced my life abundantly will be turning 80 this coming February. WOW. yes, I said 80. It blows my mind that he will be turning this age. It seems like just yesterday, that my grandpa, my uncle Doug, and my mom were sitting there in those bleachers at Estero High School cheering me on as I ran up and down that basketball court scoring points for my team. As, I sit here typing, sharing this "family" story with you It still amazes me that this has been over 10 years ago. Where does the time go? It flys right by, as does our heritage. It slips between our everyday life, and before you know it, those that could tell you about your heritage, and those deceased before you, may just be to "old" to tell you.

It amazes me that in a blink of an eye your heritage sits right in front of you. Hours, days and then years later it seems to be what makes me want to get up and go to work every morning so that I can start preserving these cherished memories of my own for my kids and some day my grand kids who will be like me wanting to know more. This seems to consume me. It is now my everyday priority. Knowing that my grandfather is about to turn a milestone of an age 80, it is extremely important to me to start documenting these past times and stories of their childhood while him and his siblings are still alive and healthy, and still have half a mind of their own still.

After just losing my grandmother (my dads mom) of 94 years of age, and knowing how she went from being a healthy lady, to quickly deteriating into old age, althziemers, and just plain miserable, it makes me even more persistent in documenting both sides of my family. As, I write this and shed a few tears with you, I was lucky enough durning my time of mourning at my grandmothers funeral, Her youngest sister still in her 80's was able to help me out with a few names, and documenting a few people from pictures that were my grandmothers. That was a heaven send. I now have some type of path to follow, and she was also kind enough to leave me with a family tree that she had came up with.

So, as this day goes on, and I get more and more info of my grandfathers past (my moms dad) I will continue to cherish every moment of stories he may have to share with me, and you better believe I will be documenting them all!

With all of this being said, I challenge you to take a moment, and look back into your childhood heritage. Document ONE memory of your past this week for your children, grand-children, or someone that may be special in your life. Because I gurantee that someday, someone in your life will be as interested in your past as I am in my families.

I have made a self-commitment myself,and that is to start documenting "silly" things in my life that my children may see change in my town of birth, childhood, and adult life. For instance, the hospital I was born in, compared to where they were born in the same town. Difference is: There was only ONE hospital in Naples when I was born, Not 3......

This is my challenge to you! Have fun,and please share them with me, I would love to know a little heritage about you too....!