Monday, February 27, 2012

Suzanne Dean.....a little LOVE left behind!

Suzanne Dean left us a little Love on our wall of "fame" here at the shop before she left! This is her with the image she stamped and colored on our wall. She was sure to let us know that the wall didn't do justice for her blending! lol. All is good! We love it anyway!

This next picture is of her in action! We had a great day of classes, and when it was all done, we went to the Pewter Mug, where my father-in-law is working part time during his visit here in Florida with us! I am sure he heard things at the dinner table he didn't want to walk into! lol. It was a giggly night! Fun was had by all who attended.......I wonder if they put us out on the patio for a reason!?!?!!

Suzanne froze out on the lanai! Thankfully mom had her Thirty-One blanket in the car, to save the It was shared at the dinner table by those who froze!

Here are a few photos of us with Ms. Suzanne herself after class!

What a fun day we all had playing with Copic Markers! Thanks for coming Suzanne! We look forward to having you back in the future!


Coleen Peters

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Suzanne Dean.....Success!

We had a great day of classes with Suzanne Dean. We had a sold out class for both sessions, and everyone loved learning new techniques!
This first picture that I share is the a.m. class!Suzanne was so great giving us a background on herself before she started! It was very interesting to me at what motivated her to start her Online Classroom! I also found it interesting to learn all of her hurdles that she had along the way! What a great start to the day!

The above photo is some one on one attention that Suzanne gave t EVERY SINGLE Student! She gave great instruction on how to color, and then made sure that everyone was able to ask questions, and she was there to show, and help!

We even had a visit from the Girl Scouts! Cookies were the refresher of the afternoon!

I will leave you with a few photos from the advanced course that was offered in the afternoon! This class was a little more intense, and was more detailed with reds, blacks, and shading! I would have to say it was a super LONG day, but very productive!

Thanks Suzanne for visiting Florida! We cannot wait to have you back!



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guest Designer Nathalie Metivier!

Guest Designer Nathalie Metivier

from Magenta Rubber Stamps!

Save the Date of

Saturday April 14th!

We are very excited to welcome Nathalie from Magenta Rubber Stamps for the fist time! Nathalie is an amazing artist and business owner!

Class 1: 3 techniques Magenta Style!


Cost: $35.00

These cards are showing a perfect mix between funny and interesting, easy and beautiful techniques. You will create with Copic Markers, Cork, Peel Off's, Alchohol inks, Distress inks, and of course Magenta Stamps!

Class 2: Charming Cards Magenta Style!

Time: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $35.00

Pearlescent Watercolor, Distress Inks, Black Cardstock, Glossy Cardstock, Chipboards and Peel Off's are some of the products and accessories used here to create 3 lovely and romantic cards!

Class #3: Dancing Butterflies-Magenta Style!
Cost: $35.00
Do you know Ghost Technique? It was invented about 12 years ago by Magenta. It is a lovely combination of pigment used as a variation of Direct-to-Paper technique. With these 3 cards, you will learn the tips to achieve Ghost and Resist techniques!

In each class you will create 3 cards. Each class is put together using different techniques. You will learn something in every class! Store discounts will apply to those who take all THREE classes!

Reserve your spot quickly. Spots are filling up fast, and they will sell out. Space is limited! You can reserve your spot by calling 239-495-9199 or emailing:,
A 50% deposit will be required to hold your spot!

Coleen Peters

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Thought......

We have been very busy meeting with our reps these past few days! This means lots of NEW goodies are on the way!

One of our reps broght this article in that they had received, and rang so true to us here at Scrapbooks Etc. that I thought I would share it. I hope you enjoy. I really did!

Too Bad Everyone Deosn't Have to Own a Buisness at Some Point.

By Kim Guymon (Scrap Bizness)

A local plant nursery near me just announced they were closing. It's too bad because the were the place you could get really cool plants for your yard- not just the standard stuff you can get at any big box store. They will be missed.

But, the article in the paper had a comment from the owner that made me have flashbacks to the scrapbook industry. The owner said that they were losing money because consumers were buying ther plants at the big box stores and then coming to this nursery for advice on planting and caring for them. The consumers knew the big box store employees didn't know what kind of fertilizer worked best for a Japanese Maple, but they knew that this independent nursery did. They dragged all thier plant issues and dying plants into the ursery for advice but left without spending a dime.
Shame on consumers. I really wish that peple would put themselves in the shoes of business owners. If you don't want to shop there and pay a little more for the local retailers fine products and experience, that's your choice. But, SHAME on you for buying "cheap" and then using the expertise of the independent for FREE. I have yet to run across a business who can exist by giving out free advice.
I can't tell you how many times this was an issue in the scrapbook industry-and probably still is. Consumers would come into thier LSS and demo every tool they could get thier hands on and then run to the big box store with a 40% off coupon and buy the one they wanted. Those same people then act shocked when thier LSS's started closing all over the country.

I have often said that a retail business is not a charity. They can't afford to give you free crop space, free advice, free demonstrations, etc. so you can go spend your money at a store that doesen't really offer any of that.

I know everyone is looking to save a buck these days, however, it's unfair to use a small retailer for information you know you can't get where you purchased your products. Coming in to ask advice for a $200.00 cutter you bought somewhere else and then feeling "justified" because you walked out with $7.00 in paper just isn't nice.
Put yourself in the shoes of that owner who has invested about everything they can give into thier Local Scrapbook Shop before you spend half an hour playing with thier tools with a 40% coupon in your purse.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save the Date for:

Guest Designer, Nathalie Metivier

Saturday April 14th
Nathalie Métivier started in her childhood to draw and exhibit her work. With her sister Hélène and Daniel, her brother-in-law, she helped, 20 years ago, to create Magenta Rubber Stamps. One of her many tasks is to be part of the creative team. She drew many of the images as well as she invented the "direct-to-paper" and the “Ghost” coloring techniques. She appears several times on Carol Duvall Show as well as on Magenta's own videos. She is co-author with Leslie Conron Carola of the books Magenta Style Paper Magic and Magenta Style Paper Enchantments. Most of all, she likes to share ideas and techniques with others.

We are very excited to welcome Nathalie, owner of Magenta Rubber Stamps!
This will be our first time having Nathalie in the shop! Nathalie is a very known rubber stamper! She has been requested by many of you, so here we are bringing her to you, and we do so with excitement!

We are still working out class details with Nathalie, but assure you that her classes will fill up quickly. She has many different stamping techniques under her belt, and we plan to draw lots of traffic in from her.
She will be teaching 3 classes which will consit of 3 cards in each class. Each class will contain different techniques. Her samples should be in the shop soon, so you will be able to stop in and see her talent first hand and sign up for classes! Each class will be $35.00.
Call the shop to reserve your spot, before space is full! Classes will SELL OUT as they have with Suzzanne Dean, call today!
239-495-9199 a 50% deposit will be needed to hold your spot!


Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been awhile since I have acknowledged this blog! Ooops.....

We have been busy bees! We met with 2 of our favorite reps this past week, who brought us amazing product to check out! We are excited to bring you the best scrapbooking and stamping products out there!

We have several classes this month, a few are SOLD OUT already! Make sure to stop in and check them out!

Classes this week:

  • Wednesday February 15th- Creating Texture with Copic. 11am-1pm and 6pm-8pm $15.00

  • Thursday February 16th- Family Layout using Authentique's new line. 11am-1pm and 6pm-8pm

  • Friday February 17th- Midnight Crop 5pm-Midnight

  • Monday February 20th- All Day Crop (Presidents Day)

We are very excited to welcome Suzzanne Dean to Bonita Springs! Her 2 classes are SOLD OUT! We are so excited that you are so excited about these copic classes! Whoohoo! You should have received a confirmation email from her this week on your balance due, and the Copic Markers you will need for class! Please make sure your pens are labeled with your name, so it goes home with YOU!

We are also offering a TEN PERECENT discount to all class takers who purchase thier pens through us before or during the class!

Be watching your emails for all the National Scrapbook Day Excitement!